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About Us


SFGPC is an indoor golf school founded by Terry Rowles that offers first class instruction and cutting-edge solutions to help you to take your game to the next level. Our conveniently located studio in the heart of San Francisco's financial district offers:

  • A world class coach
  • High tech coaching systems and modern instructional methods
  • TPI Golf Fitness screening and programs
  • Video swing analysis software
  • Multi View video assessment and comparision with the swings of the top players in the game  


SFGPC offers a "renaissance" approach to the improvement of your golf by drawing on best practices from all areas of golf instruction, bio-mechanics, and mental training. The lesson programs are specifically created to help you improve your golf fitness, develop an efficient swing, and overcome both physical and mental performance blockages. Guided by the mantra, "If you are not assessing, you are guessing," Lisa treats you as a unique individual, identifying your specific challenges and offering proven solutions from the variety of tools at her disposal.

The SFGPC will succeed where traditional golf lessons and teachers have failed.

Book a lesson, email SFGPC, or call 650.245.5142 for more information.