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Consistency, focus, self-confidence and determination are keys to success in life and golf in particular. We need that ourselves and these traits are even more important from those we entrust to guide us. Lisa Allee brings these virtues to her golf instruction. She has a very positive attitude and an ability to identify the strengths of each student and instill the confidence in the student to enable them to use those strengths as a platform to grow from. Lessons are fun and focused and I always leave with solid 'takeaways' to add to my platform. Her approach has worked for me and I have reduced my index by five strokes over the past two months. Golf has never been more fun and enjoyable.

Scott P.

Lisa is an incredible instructor. I've been working with her for the past year and my golf game has improved tremendously. She uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze your swing and helps correct it in a way that's tailored to your personal biomechanics. On top of that she's an excellent communicator and is extremely knowledgeable on aspects of the game. Booking an appointment with Lisa is the best investment you can make towards improving your golf game.

Kyle U.

I've played on and off for 25 years. When I decided to get serious and improve my game on a recommendation from a friend (he's a 1 handicap and has been working w/Lisa for years), I started working with her. Wow! What a difference she's made in my game. We started with my full swing and now we're starting to add in the short game. My handicap dropped 8 shots last year and looking forward to even more this year. Wish I would have started with her sooner.

Barton G.

Lisa is fantastic! I'm a member at the two most prestigious clubs in SF and none of the other golf pros come close to being as talented and skilled as she is. She takes an incredibly complicated sport and breaks it down explaining things in a simple way I can understand. We talk about my goals and work hard together to reach them. There is reason she has her own facility and that's because she is that good. So many different members at my clubs work with her and I'm amazed how she can get so much out of each person's game.

After making a few adjustments in my full swing, I started hitting the ball a lot more solidly and bombing it off the tee. She then convinced me to start letting her help me with my short game and that's when my index started dropping quickly. I learned so much about each part of the short game and she put wedges in my hands that actually fit my game. Wow, what a difference! I didn't think the game could be any more fun than it already was, but I wrong!

George L.

I have been playing golf for over 10 years, and was a fairly consistent mid-90s and higher player, breaking 90 occasionally. I finally decided to try some lessons and was very fortunate to find Lisa at the San Francisco Golf Performance Center. Lisa's approach was very thorough and systematic, starting with an in-depth TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) evaluation of my strength and flexibility. Then, using several cameras hooked up to computer software, Lisa went step by step through my swing, starting with the grip and setup position, working through the take-away, my position at the top, and then working through impact (that's as far as we've made it so far). At each step in the process, Lisa clearly explained the changes that needed to be made, and provided exercises, stretches and drills to help me master the swing changes we discussed at each lesson.

Throughout each lesson Lisa was very patient and easy going, and was always willing to answer questions and walk back through anything I didn't understand. After a handful of lessons I started seeing some amazing results - I've been hitting the ball cleaner, further and more consistent than I ever have, and recently carded an 81, the best golf score I've ever shot! Ultimately, I can't recommend Lisa highly enough - the lessons are fun and Lisa's step by step approach allows you to update your swing one section at a time without having to go through a full dismantling and rebuild. And the results have really been incredible - I've never had as much confidence in my swing as I do now, and I've only been working with Lisa for a few months! I will definitely be continuing my lessons with Lisa.

Josh S.

I didn’t grow up playing golf. In fact, I didn’t own my own clubs until I was 39. I grew tired of turning down opportunities to play with work colleagues, so I bought sticks off the rack from a golf superstore and started hacking it around. I had fun, hit a few good shots each round -- but rarely broke 100. I knew I needed help to improve.

My first visit with Lisa was for an initial assessment; we talked about my goals, tested my flexibility and used video equipment to evaluate my swing. Given my experience slicing the ball, I was blown away when Lisa said “your natural ball flight will be a draw ... once we fix a few things.”

After six lessons, my typical score is high 80s. I’m not consistently playing a draw (yet), but I have no doubt Lisa will get me there.

Chris R.

I have been playing golf for over 30 years and always hovered between a 12-15 index. About 3 years ago I decided to start working with Lisa (who came highly recommended from a friend) to try and reach my life long goal of becoming a single digit handicap. I am happy to report, I'm playing the best golf of my life and my index is a solid 7.2! She has a great eye for the golf swing and is able to diagnose faults quickly and explain the corrections in a simple, efficient manner. Lisa is extremely patient and never overloads me with too much information or tries to change too many things at one time. She will take what you have and make it better.

I look forward to my weekly lessons and highly recommend Lisa to help anyone improve their game. And the Financial District location of the SFGPC is very convenient.

Mike S.

Lisa has helped me significantly lower my handicap during our work together this past year. Banging out balls on a practice range was not a path to sustained improvement for my game. Lisa progressed me through the fundamentals of grip, alignment and swing plane into a deeper understanding of ball flight, course management and consistent scoring. My enjoyment of the game has meaningfully improved with the newfound confidence that Lisa has provided. Make the investment in yourself for sustained improvement!

Brett W.